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Fee Information

DUI Offenders (Level I and Level II)

Level I course, evaluation and DRI $289  
Level II course, evaluation and DRI $436  

Brief description of Level I and Level II

Level I and Level II Reassignment Fees Class Evaluation
1st reschedule (within 90 days) $40 $40
2nd reschedule (within 90 days) $60 $60
3rd reschedule (within 90 days) $80 $80
Level I course and evaluation re-enrollment after 90 days $260
Level II course and evaluation re-enrollment after 90 days $405

Special Supervision Services

Screening Session (Required to determine eligibility) $25
Application to Special Supervision (Includes: DRI, Record Checks and State Fee) $284.90
Periodic Update Session $55
Periodic Update Session w/ Ignition Interlock Monitoring $65
Record Checks:  
  Florida Driver License $10
  Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) $24
Drug Screens:  
  Urinalysis (7-panel drug screen) $40
  Blood test for Alcohol $30
Annual State Fee $15

For more details go the Special Supervision Services page

Ignition Interlock Device Monitoring

Intervention Session at 1st Violation $25
Case Management Plan Session $55
Monthly Monitoring Session $25
Rescheduling Fee $25

For more details go to the Ignition Interlock Device Monitoring page

Other Fees

Driver Risk Inventory (DRI) $5
Reinstatement Review Inventory (RRI) $5
Verification of Treatment Enrollment $10
Transfer Fee $25
Evaluation not associated with DUI Program $50
Evaluation for out-of-state program $150
Copy fee $3
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