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Psychosis program launching at Lakeview Center

Tasa Isaak, Lakeview Center’s director of care coordination services

Pensacola, Fla. (Oct. 14, 2022) – People now have access to specialized treatment thanks to a new psychosis program launching at Lakeview Center. Previously, the closest similar program was in Panama City.

Psychosis represents a highly vulnerable population, as clients are at increased risk to become victims of crime or human trafficking. Sometimes, they may end up in jail due to mental-illness related behaviors. Moreover, within 12 months of a psychosis diagnosis, a person is 24 times more likely to die than someone of similar age. According to the National Institute of Health deaths often occur from suicide or injury, accidental or intentional.

What is psychosis?

Psychosis is a mental health condition that causes people to lose touch with reality. For instance, symptoms of psychosis include: delusions (false beliefs), hallucinations (seeing or hearing things that others do not see or hear), incoherent or nonsense speech, and behavior that is inappropriate for the situation. Lakeview Center’s program targets adults ages 18 to 35. The age range is the most common for diagnosis, and is designed for those in first-episode psychosis.

What does the psychosis program at Lakeview Center offer?

“Our program is a one-stop clinic model. It helps people experiencing their first psychotic episode,” said Tasa Isaak, Lakeview Center’s director of care coordination services. “People experiencing psychosis need a highly specialized level of care. Often, many team members with different roles need to be involved in treatment. The psychosis program launching at Lakeview Center brings together a comprehensive team. Our clients can get the specialized care they need in one place. More convenience and better access mean more people can get help navigating a very difficult illness.”

The specialized team includes a licensed mental health counselor, care coordinator and psychiatrist who can prescribe medications if needed. The team also includes a peer specialist who has lived experience dealing with mental health issues. The multidisciplinary team begins with evaluation and will personalize treatment based on the needs of each person.

What are some goals of psychosis treatment?

Services include education on processing episodes, coping with voices, setting goals, developing relationships, and medication management. Caregivers will also provide family therapy and education in order to support those closest to the client.

Lakeview Center is an affiliate of LifeView Group. This program is open to residents of Escambia and Santa Rosa counties who meet screening criteria. To request an appointment, call 850-469-3500.