Make Time to Refresh, Renew Your Body and Soul

Man with beard wearing a tie smiles at camera. - 4/20/2020

“It's always important to keep tabs on our emotional and spiritual lives. We can all ask ourselves: What’s working?  What needs to change? Are there habits that no longer serve me well?  Can I improve on my relationships?  Are there people I should avoid due to their lifestyles and habits? If you work on one thing a little each day, in a few weeks you’ll see change.  We also shouldn’t forget about physical health. Ask: Do I get enough exercise?  Do I eat healthy foods in the right amounts?  Have I set aside time to read, reflect and nurture my soul?  Keep it simple.  Sometimes a 10-minute break in the middle of a busy day can do wonders. Spring is a reminder to renew the body and soul.” – Marvin C. Chaffin, II, M.S., LMHC, executive director, Lakeview Center MAT Programs