Meet A Social Worker - Amanda Helm

Young woman with glasses smiles at camera. - 3/23/2020

“I work with our adult programs and one of my favorite things about social work is that it looks at the big picture for every person.  We ask questions like: Do they have transportation? Can they take off work to get to appointments or treatment? What kind of adverse childhood experiences did they have and how does that affect them now? Do they have access to enough food? Is there someone in the home who has complex medical needs? When did they last see a primary care doctor? Everyone we see has a story. On the community level social work pushes us to ask how we can serve people better? What are we lacking? What are we doing well and how can we use that to improve even more? Social work has made me a better clinician and a better person. It teaches us that everyone is doing the best they can with what they have. When we operate under that framework understanding self-care is much more powerful.” 

– Amanda Helm, LCSW, clinical manager, The Lakeview Center Lodges