Stalking Awareness Safety

Young lady anxiously looking at her cell phone. - 1/02/2020

It’s a disappointing fact, but a stalker can be someone you once trusted. That’s one reason it can be so easy to fall victim to violent behaviors or unpleasant circumstances. There are clear signs that may tip you off, and some practices for added safety. 

Common Stalking Behaviors 

  • Repeated calling or texting 
  • Following you
  • Sending unwanted gifts
  • Damaging your property
  • Using technology to track you
  • Driving by or hanging around your home, school or work place

Cyberstalking is another unsafe way someone may stalk you. This criminal offense is when someone communicates with you electronically in a way that makes you scared or worried for your safety or the safety of a loved one.

Examples of Cyberstalking

  • Harassing you on social media
  • Using technology to falsely accuse or slander you
  • Monitoring technology to gather information to threaten, embarrass or harm you

A few recommendations can help keep you safer and make others aware of a staking situation.

Stalking Safety Tips

  • Change all your passwords, security questions, locks and pin numbers.
  • Check in with a friend often.
  • Tell the security department at your school, work or apartment complex.
  • Let your employer know in case the person shows up at your place of employment.
  • Keep a record of stalking incidences listing out the time, date and place. 
  •  If you have to communicate with a stalker due to parenting issues, consider using written forms of contact to leave a paper trail.

You might not know it, but you also can ask a local Victim Services Agency for help with a safety plan, stalking log, information about laws, options for protection and links to other helpful resources. Locally, you can call Lakeview Center Victim Services at 850.433.7273. 

If someone you know is being stalked, be supportive. Listen. Don’t blame. Take steps to help ensure his or her safety. Let’s help one another along our life journeys to be as safe as possible.