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  If you would like to schedule outpatient telehealth services, please call Lakeview at  850.469.3500.

Telehealth Resources

Lakeview Center is working to avoid interruptions in service. Telehealth is a convenient and confidential way to access real-time outpatient services through a computer, tablet or smartphone. Assessment, counseling, psychiatric evaluation, and medication management are all available through a private, secure session.

What is telehealth?

Health-related services and information can be exchanged using telecommunication technologies such as telehealth. Essentially, the program bridges a communication barrier and allows us to provide remote consults, monitoring and interventions.

Is my personal information protected with telehealth?

Yes. This program is specifically designed to share personal health information (PHI) in a confidential and protected environment.

Is telehealth new?

No. Telehealth has provided a venue for distance learning, meetings, presentations and colleague consults since about 1950.Also referred to as Telemedicine, Telehealth is helping providers around the world better respond to communities during the pandemic.

Why should I use telehealth?

Telehealth is convenient and confidential and can be accessed using a computer, tablet or smartphone. Services are provided in real-time by our experts who can provide assessments, counseling, psychiatric evaluations, and medication management. Telehealth saves time and you never have to leave your home. You also can avoid waiting rooms where it can be more difficult to practice social distancing.


  In a crisis situation, it’s important to know who to call.

  • Call our Mobile Response Team when a person is experiencing a behavioral health crisis. Call  866.517.7766.
  • Call 911 when a person has attempted to harm his or herself or someone else.

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