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Haley and Hannah - Heart Gallery Adoption

Picture of Haley and Hannah in Heart Gallery Adoption

Haley (whose real name is Victoria) and Hannah are typical teens except that they are waiting in foster care for an adoptive family. They love to joke around and be silly. They both love being on social media, talking with friends on their phones and going shopping at the mall. Haley is out going and vivacious and a real “take charge person”. She is in the 11th grade and does very well in school. In the past she was very involved with her church and last summer participated in a mission trip to New Orleans to help build a church. She works part time at a fast food restaurant. She is very goal oriented and knows she wants to be a neonatal nurse after college. Hannah is quieter and more reserved than her big sister. She is in the 10th grade and wants to be an auto mechanic after she graduates!!!! Hannah also works part time at a fast food restaurant. Hannah was born in February 2001 and Haley was born in February 2000.

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