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Jason - Heart Gallery Adoption

Picture of Jason in Heart Gallery Adoption

Jason or JJ as he is called is a cute as a button Hispanic little boy with some huge challenges. He is a very medically complex child. He is wheelchair bound but he can pull himself along on the floor using one arm. His other arm is not functional. He has severe spastic quadriparesis, a history of failure to thrive and a history of a shunt for hydrocephalus. He recently had a g tube placed for slow growth and because he cannot swallow. He is non verbal and does not understand language although he does respond to familiar voices. He can also bang things together, possibly as a way to communicate. His vision and hearing are limited. He is described by his foster family as sweet and loving. He enjoys being held and culled and will pull a familiar person’s head down so he and be kissed. He likes playing with soft plush toys. Obviously, Jason needs a very special adoptive family who will be prepared to care for him for his entire life as he will never be able to live independently. Jason was born in February, 2015.

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