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Kyler, Parker and Tucker - Heart Gallery Adoption

Picture of Kyler, Parker and Tucker in Heart Gallery Adoption

Three energetic brothers who need a family where they can be back together again. These boys have been through a tremendous amount of turmoil and have had many losses. Nevertheless, they are incredibly resilient and they want another adoptive family where they will be loved and respected. As Kyler once said, “I want a mom and dad who are nice and who give hugs and kisses”. Likely Parker and Tucker would agree with this wish.

Kyler is very creative and he loves to tinker and take things apart and then figure out how to put them back together again- and he is very good at it. He is currently in the 6th grade and receives special services to help meet his special needs. He makes average grades in school. Kyler enjoys being active and he loves basketball, football and fishing. He of course also loves playing video games. Parker is a very active, very sweet, shy little boy. He is in the third grade where he also receives special services for his challenges. He loves playing with Legos and collecting Pokémon cards. Tucker is a mischievous little boy who has the most wonderful simile. He is also very active and has enjoyed playing soccer on a city league team. He also loves playing with Legos and superheroes and listening to rap music. Tucker is in the second grade and also receives special services in school.

These brothers have each have had tremendous challenges and sometimes their behaviors reflect these. As fun as they are these brothers can also be very challenging and they need a creative adoptive family with as much energy as they have and who can keep them busy. Their family is also going to have to understand why they sometimes act like they do while helping them to feel safe and secure. Kyler was born in May 2005. Parker was born in May 2006 and Tucker was born in July 2007.

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