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Reba - Heart Gallery Adoption

Picture of Thomas in Heart Gallery Adoption

Thomas is a little boy who is very anxious to be a part of a family.. He is extremely active and playful. He can also be very angry and is dealing with lots of difficult behaviors and conflicting emotions. He loves swimming, basketball and of course, video games. He is very affectionate and loves to snuggle while watching TV. He has been diagnosed with developmental delays and autism and a low average intelligence. In school where he is in the 4th grade he receives special services that focus on helping him with his behaviors that can sometimes be explosive or immature. He also receives speech therapy. He is working on improving his social skills. Over the last several months Thomas made tremendous progress. Unfortunately however, he recently had to be moved and his behavior has been deeply impacted by that loss. Another loss he has recently suffered is the loss of his younger sisters who are being adopted separately from him so he needs a family who will keep him in contact with him. Thomas was born in April, 2005.

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