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Therapeutic Foster Care

All youth deserve a safe, stable place to heal, grow and learn. Some youth in foster care have increased emotional, behavioral, or social needs, due to the trauma they have experienced. These youth may be placed in a Specialized Therapeutic Foster Home or CHIPS home as we call them, where they can receive more intensive support, structured supervision and professional interventions compared to the traditional foster care setting. The acronym CHIPS stands for Changing Horizons through Innovative Parenting Systems. CHIPS foster homes will receive Medicaid reimbursement, additional training and wrap-around services in the home, and are limited to one to two placements at a time. Therapeutic foster parents may be considered “professional parents,” who have a supportive team around them to make a lasting impact on a young person’s life in a short amount of time. CHIPS is intended to be a short-term resource (6 to 12 months on average). Typically, youth in the CHIPS program are ages 11 to 17, both genders and all races, though some younger youth may be served by the program as well.

Most importantly, therapeutic foster parents help youth heal and realize their true potential. To take the first step in changing a youth’s life by becoming a therapeutic foster parent, contact us at 850.429.6682 or submit the contact information below.

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