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Foster Parent Training and Resources

Panhandle FAPA Meetings

Foster Parents may earn two hours of training credit when they attend a Foster Adoptive Parents Association meeting. Foster Adoptive Parent Associations or FAPA's are a great way to network with other foster parents. Please contact your area FAPA for meeting times and locations:


Below you will find links to the Florida State FAPA website and Facebook page. You will find helpful information as well as training opportunities on their website.

Training Materials

The Center for Child Welfare provides a variety of computer based video training free of charge.

1 Hour Trainings

2 Hour Trainings

3 Hour Trainings


For questions, copies of files, or more information, please call Foster Home Development at  850.429.6667. Click the link under the 'Document Link' column to download the appropriate file.

Safety Methodology for Foster Parents

Join us on Facebook

If you are a member of Facebook, visit our FamiliesFirst Network Foster Parent Facebook Group to view events on our wall, and connect with other foster parents in our area. This page is a closed group and is available only to current and former foster parents. Click on the “join” link and one of our page administrators will “accept” and give you access the page. Go to Facebook.

Special Training Opportunities


Need training on your time schedule? FFN has a limited amount of Foster Parent College Training credits to give out to help you with some of your training requirements. If you are interested, please call Katherine Williams at  850.429.6674.

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