For information, please call  1.850.908.6667. If you are interested in being a Foster Parent click here or call  866.216.0118.


Foster Parenting
All children need a safe, stable, secure environment to grow and learn. In Northwest Florida, more than 600 children in foster care need such a temporary place to heal while their parents work to make their homes safe.
Adoption Services
Most children in the foster care system eventually go home or are permanently placed with relatives or family friends. However, some children may never go home. These children are in need of forever families who will open their hearts and homes.
When children are removed from their families and placed in out-of-home care, they may be placed in a number of different types of settings. In addition to relatives’ homes, other family settings include family foster homes and therapeutic foster homes.
Independent Living Program
Independent living services are provided for young adults formerly in foster care ages 18 to 23 to assist them in making the transition to self-sufficiency as adults.

Sponsored by Lakeview Center and the State of Florida, Department of Children and Families