2021 Team Member of the Year - Alan Garrone, Pensacola, Florida

Alan Garrone was born with a learning disability that impacts his comprehension. It takes him longer to learn some things, but he’s learned a lot at GCE.

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Ediberto "Eddy" Cruz Cruz - 2021 Veteran of the Year, Monterey, California

At the end of 2010, Ediberto “Eddy” Cruz Cruz, an infantryman in the United States Marine Corps, deployed to Afghanistan. By January 2011, he was in armored military vehicle that hit an improvised explosive device (IED). Eddy walked away with hearing loss, back pain, tinnitus and eventually depression.

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Wanda Ward

Wanda Faye Tye - 2020 Team Member of the Year, Fort Rucker, Alabama

When Wanda Faye Tye was laid off from her factory job more than 10 years ago, a neighbor told her about GCE. She was born deaf, and the notion of working for a company that sought to employ people with disabilities was appealing.

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Global Connections to Employment's Employee of the Year Bonnie Blaydes poses in kitchen

Bonnie Blaydes - 2019 Employee of the Year, Eielson Air Force Base, Fairbanks, Alaska

Bonnie Blaydes was born with methamphetamine in her system. She grew up in a drug house where she experienced several traumas. She was placed in foster care, and later began using any substance she could get her hands on as a way to cope with her toxic upbringing.

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Photo of Dorothy Clark

Pictured is Dorothy Clark, GCE Credentialing and Quality Assurance team

GCE produced the first United States Space Force (USSF) Common Access Card (CAC, required for military bases) prototype shortly after the new branch of military service was established in December 2019. Little did they know the first batch of cards would need to be expedited due to a global pandemic.

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Matt Amendt sitting in the back of a work van smiling at the camera wearing a bright blue work jacket and baseball cap.

Matt Amendt - 2018 Employee of the Year, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Tacoma, Washington

Some people consider work a chore, but going to a job each day and earning a paycheck gives great meaning to Matt Amendt’s life. “When you have a good job you have purpose and a sense of self-worth,” Matt said.

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Allison A

Allison Ashmore - 2017 Employee of the Year, Naval Station Newport - Rhode Island

Following high school, Allison was enrolled at a disability workshop where she helped out in the kitchen, but despite her work there, people in the program didn’t think she could handle the hectic, noisy environment of the food galley at the Naval Station. When Allison persisted, the disability workshop team decided to give it a try. That was in 1995, and Allison’s been there ever since.

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Tommy H

Tommy Huynh - 2016 Employee of the Year, Naval Air Station Pensacola, Pensacola, Florida

You’d never know it by his infectious smile and positive attitude, but Tan “Tommy” Huynh survived two traumatic experiences. Today, one of the high points of Tommy’s life journey has been working at Global Connections to Employment (GCE).

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Jeremy Schell

Jeremy Schell - 2018 Legend EITS, Lorton, Virginia

Besides our basic needs, most of us want two main things - a good quality of life and an opportunity to succeed. Jeremy Schell, business analyst, at Global Connections to Employment (GCE), already had a good quality of life but for many years, he struggled to find an opportunity to succeed. Jeremy was born deaf, and for years, he was turned away for jobs until GCE gave him a chance to work.

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Crystal Shank

Crystal’s Story – Lakeview Center Benefits Call Center Representative, Pensacola, FL

Crystal Shank is an independent thinker with a strong work ethic. It’s likely she learned these skills from her dad, a Navy veteran. He gave Crystal some good advice as she approached working age: “You will not be able to make it in this world with just a Social Security check.” You see, Crystal is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.

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Image of Pamela C in GCE uniform outside.

Pam's Story - Operational Manager, Armed Forces Retirement Home, Washington, D.C.

Pamela Cox started out as a custodial worker with no formal education. Today she is an operational manager who’s working toward a master’s degree in management.

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