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Lakeview-Associated-Enterprises Dairy Queen store

When someone purchases ice cream at a Dairy Queen Grill & Chill owned by Lakeview Associated Enterprises (LAE), they’ve bought a guilt-free treat. The calories or fat haven’t been extracted, but 100 percent of the profits go toward helping people with some difficult challenges.

The Dairy Queens are part of the Lakeview Center and Baptist Health Care family of companies whose main offices are located in Pensacola, Florida. The franchise was established in April 2015 to support the Mission of: helping people throughout life’s journey.

“These restaurants are an innovative solution that allows us to continue to make positive impacts in behavioral health, vocational and child protective services,” said Mark Faulkner, President and CEO Baptist Health Care. “The overall Mission of our organization is just as real and vibrant in our restaurants as it is in any other entity throughout Baptist Health Care.”

LAE allows diversification in the organization’s revenue base to avoid the risky dependency on state and federal funding. “Funding doesn’t always come through the way we want it to, but we have important work to do and don’t want lack of funding to get in the way of fulfilling our Mission of helping the people in our communities who need us along their life’s journey,” said Allison Hill, President and CEO, Lakeview Center, Inc.

All of the profits fund programs and services that help people with disabilities find jobs; people who struggle with mental illness or addictions; and children who have experienced abuse or neglect.

The restaurants are currently only located in the Tampa, Florida area, but the effects of their work touch lives across the nation. The Mission statement is proudly displayed at all locations.

“We want customers to understand the meaning behind their purchases,” said Tra Williams, President, Lakeview Associated Enterprises. “When consumers buy ice cream, they are helping someone who is perhaps at their lowest moment in life. Our customers love the fact that they can be a part of something bigger – something that helps another human being.”

One day, Williams had a brief conversation with a customer who was at one of the Tampa restaurants having some ice cream with his son. During the conversation, Williams explained the Mission behind the work. Through tear-filled eyes the customer shared the story about his son who suffered from mental illness. It took decades to find meaningful treatment for him. When he left Dairy Queen that day, he went home and visited the Lakeview Center website and was so moved by the Mission, that he felt compelled to bring back a gift. He said to tell everyone in Pensacola how much it means to him and his family that an organization is working toward such a compassionate Mission. He said that everyone should hear about it, and he hopes that LAE’s work helps others understand more about behavioral health issues.

“At our Dairy Queen locations we count our blessings every day,” Williams said. “It’s such an honor to make a positive impact on someone’s life. It is truly an incredible opportunity.”

Lakeview-Associated-Enterprises Dairy Queen Locations

One hundred percent of the profits from these Dairy Queen locations goes to helping people throughout life’s journey.

Our nonprofit parent organization, Lakeview Center, started in 1954 with a focus on serving the mental health needs of children. Today we are a network of behavioral health, vocational and child protective services that helps people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

Together, you and Lakeview’s Dairy Queen locations are helping some of the most vulnerable members of our community. So please, come in and enjoy some “guilt-free” ice cream knowing that all proceeds benefit someone less fortunate.