Outpatient Adult

Lakeview Center can provide you with options for substance abuse disorders. We understand that each individual is different and needs a tailored treatment program for recovery. Our outpatient programs allow you to achieve a better quality of life and are available to both men and women who are 18 years old and older. We use well-established, research-based treatments that are proven to effectively treat addiction disorders. Take a look at what we offer, and let us know how we can help.

The Friary

The Friary specializes in treatment for addictions and mental health issues. We will work with you to develop a plan specific to your needs which may include, group therapy, psycho-educational therapy, individual therapy or family therapy. Call us at  850.437.8952.

Pathway Drug Court Program

If you become involved with the criminal justice system because of an addiction, we can help with your recovery issues. Rather than going to prison or jail, Drug Court prescribes a judicially monitored regimen of supervision, frequent drug testing and intensive treatment in cooperation with the court to meet legal requirements. Pathway is an individual outpatient treatment program that is self-referred, and we have two program locations. Call  850.469.3500 for more information.

Lakeview Campus

A flexible and multi-level program is available to help you with drug or alcohol abuse. Our team is understanding and ready to effectively help address your needs through outpatient services. Call 850.469.3500 for more information.

Avalon Center

Our experienced team can help you through addictions issues using an effective regimen of assessments, individual-group-family counseling, crisis intervention and psychiatric medical services. This center is located in Milton, Florida and serves Escambia and Santa Rosa counties. Call  850.469.3500 for more information.

Century Clinic

Lakeview Center also can provide addiction treatment as far north as Century, Florida. Near the Florida-Alabama state line, this team provides group outpatient services to help guide you back to a life in recovery. Services include: assessments for psychiatric and substance use programs, case management services, substance abuse education groups, group counseling, individual counseling via telemedicine, and referrals to link clients to other services. You can reach the Century office at  850.256.6280.

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