Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long has your facility been treating addiction?
A: The Friary is one of the oldest addiction treatment centers in the Southeast. As of 2015, we have been helping people who struggle with addiction for 38 years.
Q: What is the average length of stay?
A: Although lengths of stay vary because we have individualized plans for each client, our usual length of stay is between 23 and 60 days.
Q: What makes The Friary location unique?
A: The Friary is located on Pensacola Bay on property that was originally a retreat for Franciscan monks. The serene environment retains much of the charm from that period. The grounds are in the traditional Old Pensacola style with azalea bushes, live oaks with Spanish moss. The Friary staff members are aware of the difficulties associated with coming into treatment and make every effort to make you feel welcome in this small, caring, personalized environment.
Q: How can I pay for treatment?
A: Many insurance policies cover treatment for alcoholism and addiction. We are providers for many area and national managed care companies. We are a TriCare provider. We are not a provider for Medicaid/Medicare. Our admissions team can help you determine what your coverage is, however, most insurance agencies only verify during normal business hours. Call us any time, but we may have to call you back with insurance information once we can contact the agency.
Q: What does the term "medically necessary" mean?
A: A definition is health-care services or supplies needed to prevent, diagnose, or treat an illness, injury, condition, disease, or its symptoms and that meet accepted standards of medicine.
The Friary contracts with and accepts many employer commercial insurance plans and plans under the Affordable Care Act. All are subject to medically necessary services and levels of care that meet recognized medical standards for treatment. Our admission and utilization review team will do everything it can to maximize benefits medically necessary to achieve the highest standard of recognized care. However, there is no guarantee third party payer sources will cover The Friary's recommended course of treatment.
Q: Are there any additional costs?
A: Our fee includes all costs related to the treatment of addiction. This includes our physician services.
Q: What programs does The Friary offer?
A: We offer four levels of care including two rehabilitative and two outpatient. Rehabilitative services are Detoxification and Rehabilitation. Outpatient services are Partial Hospitalization (Day Treatment) and Intensive Outpatient Program three half-days a week from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Many clients move through several levels of care during their treatment program.
Q: How can alumni stay involved?
A: Our alumni association meets each month. They provide a structure for maintaining contact with The Friary and helping new clients. Projects range from planning social activities to assisting clients as they make the transition to a better quality of life. Staff are also available to answer questions and give support once clients leave treatment.

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