What to Bring

One of the most important facets of your care is comfort. You may want to consider bringing the following personal items to have on-hand during your time with us.

Comfortable Clothing

The average stay is about three to four weeks so please pack at least one week's worth of casual clothes. Laundry services and soap are available, but please bring special soap if you have allergies.

During your stay with us, you will attend several 12-step meetings at locations in the community. We want to be sure you are prepared with the clothing you desire for that setting. "Sunday Best" is not required, but often our clients prefer to wear nicer business casual wear instead of sweatpants or jeans.

The mind/body connection wouldn't be complete without exercise. Please bring tennis shoes, workout clothes for physical activities.

Prescribed or Over-the-Counter products

Bring all regularly taken prescription medications with you to last for the duration of your stay. If non-detox drugs are part of your treatment plan, you will be responsible for that additional cost or the co-pay, by check or cash.

Be sure to bring all bathing and personal hygiene products with you, but know that our alumni help us by shopping for essentials once a week if you've forgotten something.

Spending Money

Don't forget to bring money for stamps, phone cards, sodas and personal hygiene items as well as any prescription medications or non-detox drugs. For added enjoyment, we take you out to a restaurant on the Friday evening after the Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, and you'll need money to pay for any meals you order.

Important Miscellaneous Items Not Provided

  • Photos of loved ones
  • Special pillows
  • Alarm Clock
  • Mementos
  • Personal CD player and earplugs

Unallowable Items

  • Food
  • Music systems
  • Reading materials
  • Hobby equipment/supplies
  • Some electronic nicotine replacement devices that are rechargeable, but not reloadable
  • Laptops / iPads
  • Dipped, rolled or E-Cigarettes
  • Opened cigarettes
  • Any kind of high-nicotine product

Our staff is ready to help. Call us at  850.932.9375 or toll free  800.332.2271.

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