Healthy Work Habits

A view from above of a man who is sitting in a wide window sill typing on a laptop leaning against a glass window. - 7/01/2019

Is your work-style smart? Take a look around your area. Is it cluttered? Dusty? Unorganized? If so, that may be part of the reason you feel so tired at the end of the day. Try a couple of these recommendations and see if   your stress level decreases.

Just Quit! –Consider some of your work processes. If they no longer are efficient, quit doing them.  Technology has changed many jobs reducing the number of steps needed to complete a task or project. Lean on it! 

Ah, yes, memory …or lack thereof. Hone your work skills and ease your mind. When you think of another task, instead of diverting to do it because you’re afraid you’ll forget, jot it down and come back to it later. The practice will free up your mind in the short-term to focus on the task at-hand. You will be far more productive.

Count to Three. Daily to-do lists can seem dreadful, but you can change that. First of all, kudos to you for being organized and having a to-do list! Develop a three-deep list, sorting your projects into three columns: 1. Essential, 2. Important, and 3. Less Important. Focus on completing list No. 1 before you go home each day. Reassess your list tomorrow. It will be a new day. 

If working smarter doesn’t seem to do the trick, maybe it’s time to consider another job path that has personal meaning to you. Consider jobs that involve helping others. Either way, change can help improve work performance and overall well-being.