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About Adoption

Most children in the foster care system eventually go home or are placed permanently with relatives or family friends. However, some children can never go home. These children are in need of permanent adoptive families. Right now, more than 100 local children are waiting to meet their forever families in Northwest Florida.

These children are usually older, school aged children. Many are members of sibling groups who want to grow up together in the same family. Some have mental, physical or emotional needs. Many are children of color. All have experienced trauma and pain, but their stories are far from over. With the help of a loving forever family, the next chapter in their lives can be full of hope and healing.

Adopting a child “with special needs” can be challenging and difficult. It requires adoptive parents to have patience and unconditional commitment to a child as he or she slowly learns to trust and heal from the experiences that brought them into the system. Adoption is also very rewarding for parents as they watch their children finally start to feel safe and settled and begin to blossom. Adoption means a second chance for a child to have a life long, loving forever family. Adoption means a commitment to a child’s entire life!

FamiliesFirst Network is excited to partner with Binti to make the adoption inquiry and home study application process easier than ever! You can complete the entire application electronically on a phone, tablet or desktop computer. Please click below to speak to a member of our recruitment team about beginning the process.

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Adoption Process

All adoption applicants must complete a 27-hour training program called Quality Parenting Training (QPT). There is no cost to anyone for this class. Adoption applicants also must participate in an adoptive home study. This process includes family as well as individual interviews, FBI, FDLE and local police checks as well as child abuse clearances, references and income verifications.

Adoption Benefits

There is no cost to anyone who adopts a child or children from the foster care system through the Department of Children and Families and FamiliesFirst Network. Adoptive families receive training, supervision and post adoption support services. Adopted children are eligible to receive a monthly maintenance subsidy, medical coverage through Medicaid and "free" college tuition.

Adoptive Home Requirements

  • Both married and single adults may apply to adopt.
  • Prior parenting experience is not required to adopt.
  • Adoptive families must have sufficient income to meet their own expenses as well as those of the adopted child, but there are no set income limits for adoptive families.
  • An adoptive family must have sufficient room in their home for an adopted child, but there are no set requirements about housing.
  • Adoptive parents must have sufficient physical and emotional ability to meet the needs of an adopted child, but otherwise there are no restrictions on the age or medical conditions of an adoptive applicant.
  • Individuals convicted of certain crimes of violence such as child abuse, domestic violence or murder may not adopt.

For more information about adoption, call FFN’s Adoption Recruitment Specialist at  850.469.3847

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