A Community Committed to Mental Health and Trauma Awareness 

Pensacola, Fla. (May 17, 2022) – Lakeview Center Behavioral Health Services is observing Mental Health and Trauma Awareness Month, including initiatives in collaboration with community partners are leading to solutions that help the whole community thrive. 

“Take 5” – The regional “Take 5” campaign was created by the Mental Health Task Force of Northwest Florida with input from Lakeview Center. The goal of the campaign is to encourage community members to take 5 minutes to themselves when they need it. This could be taking a walk, stepping away from your computer, listening to your favorite song, or simply taking slow, deep breaths – whatever lightens your mood. The “Take 5” campaign follows the Task Force’s first quarter “Ask 5” campaign, which reminded people to take a moment to ask 5 people if they’re ok. The “Ask 5” campaign aimed to jumpstart conversations, eliminate stigma and create a positive momentum in supporting those with mental health challenges Visit MentalHealthTaskForce.org to learn more.

HEART – The City of Pensacola relocated about 100 homeless people living under Interstate 110 in the downtown area in early 2022. A Lakeview behavioral health team set up a boots-on-the-ground component to serve the mental health needs of the people by going to them. The Lakeview Homeless Evaluation Assessment Response Team (HEART) connects these people to a variety of in-person or telehealth services as well as medication management plans.

2-1-1 Program – Lakeview Center’s Chautauqua Healthcare Services manages the 2-1-1 program for Okaloosa and Walton Counties. The 2-1-1 program recently achieved accreditation by the Alliance of Information and Referral Systems, in recognition of the quality information and referral services they provide in Okaloosa and Walton counties. The team has answered more than 121,000 calls connecting community members to health and human services information and referrals. 

Through more than 60 community programs, Lakeview team members are working to remove mental health stigma and provide healing from trauma. Learn more about behavioral health services at eLakeviewCenter.org.


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