School-based services

School-based services, or school overlay services, are for children in Escambia County elementary schools.

We provide cost-effective treatment onsite at elementary schools for the convenience of children and families. In the schools, we offer outpatient overlay services to students who are referred by the school district and meet criteria for mental health services. By providing services in the school setting, where many of these behaviors happen, counselors can observe the child served and work with them and school personnel on behavioral interventions. Our goal is to help these students function better in school, but also to generalize their behavior in settings outside of school. We support school staff in how to meet students’ needs and decrease referral and suspension rates. Our services are provided during times based on the school calendars. These services help connect children to mental health services, lower the need for acute hospitalizations, reduce contact with law enforcement, and help improve the individual, family unit and overall community.

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