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Congratulations to Team Member of the Quarter Jackie!

Jackie (left) with Shawn Salamida, president of Lakeview Center (right)
Jackie (left) with Shawn Salamida, president of Lakeview Center (right)

Jackie Woods, counselor I for Avalon in Milton has been named Team Member of the Quarter for Lakeview Center!

Jackie has taken on the vital role of coordinating substance misuse services for Avalon, which includes assessing clients who are court-ordered to complete evaluations and treatment. Her dedication to this role ensures that clients receive the necessary support and guidance to address their substance use issues.

In addition to her primary responsibilities, Jackie collaborates extensively with her peers to better serve clients who have co-occurring mental health and substance use issues. This collaborative approach has been instrumental in providing comprehensive care and has earned her recognition from both her colleagues and several providers at Avalon Center for her exceptional work.

Jackie has also fostered strong relationships with our law enforcement partners, enhancing the support network for our clients. Her outstanding contributions were personally acknowledged by the Department of Corrections probation officer supervisor, highlighting her positive impact on the community and the justice system.

Due to Jackie’s tireless efforts, the number of substance misuse clients treated at Avalon has significantly increased over the past six months, growing from 81 clients per month to an impressive 149 clients per month. This remarkable growth is a testament to her commitment to helping those in need and improving the services provided at Avalon.

Thank you, Jackie, for demonstrating Lakeview Center’s mission, vision, and values. Her hard work and dedication make a profound difference in the lives of our clients and the community we serve.