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Helping adults and children across Northwest Florida

Lakeview Center provides comprehensive behavioral health care to adults and children with mental illnesses, drug and alcohol dependencies and intellectual disabilities. Our services range from residential treatment to outpatient counseling, psychiatry, trauma care, treatments for substance misuse and 24/7 support for those with serious mental illnesses. We adhere to a trauma-informed care approach in everything we do.

Our services

Services range from inpatient and residential treatments to outpatient counseling, psychiatry, trauma care, treatments for substance misuse, and 24/7 support for those with serious mental illnesses.

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Crisis and emergency care

Our Mobile Response Team provides 24/7 intervention and support and is available to respond within 60 minutes via telephone triage or in-person.

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Drug and alcohol services

Lakeview Center offers opioid and medication-assisted treatment, as well as intensive-outpatient care, residential treatment and a specialized DUI program.

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Adult counseling and mental health

Our broad scope of treatment options ranges from outpatient and trauma counseling, to wraparound care and case management.

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Psychiatry and prescriptions

When treatment requires medications, your health care provider will work with you to develop a plan that’s best for you.

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Children’s services

Children’s needs are very different from adults. Our specialized caregivers are dedicated to providing comprehensive care for kids and families.

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HIV/AIDS testing and education

Our specialized caregivers reach out to people who are at increased risk for HIV infection, including those who use intravenous (IV) drugs.

News and stories

Melissa Caraway Lakeview Center Team Member of the Year 2023

Lakeview Center 2023 Team Member of the Year

Melissa Caraway is proud to be the Lakeview Center 2023 Team Member of the Year. “This population has a special place in my heart. They are so innocent and pure. People often look down on them and mistreat them. Just because their IQs are low doesn’t mean they can’t learn. It just takes them longer.” […]

Lexi White in pink blouse and black blazer

Lexi White director of prevention and intervention services

DeFuniak Springs, Fla. (Jan 25, 2024) – Alexis “Lexi” White, MS, is the new director of prevention and intervention services at Lakeview Center of Walton County. As director, White will manage prevention and community-based contracts, budgets and audits. In addition, she will collaborate with internal and external stakeholders and payors to ensure compliance and timely, accurate […]

baker act - woman assists young woman

The Baker Act

If you or a loved one lives with mental illness, it’s good to know about the Baker Act. Emergency psychiatric admissions in Florida fall under the Baker Act. These admissions can be confusing and stressful when the process is new and unfamiliar. What is the Baker Act? The Baker Act is Florida’s mental health law […]