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Children’s services

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Children’s needs are very different from adults.

The need for behavioral health care in children has been growing across Northwest Florida, and our specialized caregivers are dedicated to providing comprehensive care for kids and families.

Lakeview Center serves children across many different locations and treats an array of conditions. Our programs include:

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Mental health and substance misuse

We provide behavioral health care for kids ages 17 and younger in a variety of settings, including families’ homes, clinical settings and at schools. We can also extend our treatments, services and programs to coordinate with family and non-family members who are involved in the child’s life.

Autism care

Our team provides specialized care for young people with autism from ages 2 to 21. Our team looks through an individual lens at each child who comes through our program. Children are unique and applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy helps us focus on your child’s needs.

Infant and early childhood mental health

Infant mental health is a community-based program that helps families with children newborn to age 5-years-old by providing services in both natural environments and clinical settings.

Child welfare

Because substance misuse and mental health issues can potentially overlap into child abuse and neglect, we work as a comprehensive human services agency to bridge the gaps and connect families to the help they need.

Residential care for children

Children experience mental health disorders, and it helps when they receive the most appropriate treatment. We have several programs to meet individualized needs.