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Bringing care to you

Child and teacher in classroom

Community-based care allows us to reach people in need wherever they are.

Community-based care allows us to reach people in need wherever they are. Intensive case management teams focus on helping adults and children in community settings where they feel most comfortable. Together, they work toward the goals of recovery and wellness.

By bringing care to those we serve, we remove barriers to treatment so those we serve can get the help they need.

Wraparound support for adults
Those with a serious mental illness or struggling with substance misuse may have difficulty living independently in the community and need extra support in managing their daily health needs. Our Florida Assertive Community Treatment team includes professionals in psychiatry, nursing, counseling, case management, substance use treatments and vocational services. This specialized support can allow you to safely remain in the community while receiving help.

Working with families in homes, schools and daycares
When a child faces mental health issues, both the child – and their family – may benefit from community-based, in-home support to help face everyday challenges. Our Community Action Team serves children in homes, schools and daycare settings to help lower the risk of hospitalization, reduce contact with law enforcement and improve functioning within the home, school and community settings. The goal is to help the child/adolescent and family become successful in the environment where they live, preventing the need for residential treatment.

HIV care
The Personalized HIV and Addiction Services Expansion program, or PHASE III (P3), reaches out to minorities with substance use disorders and those who use intravenous (IV) drugs, as this puts them at increased risk for HIV infection. PHASE III provides testing for HIV and also directly connects those who need it with substance misuse treatment, intensive case management and aftercare group services.

Supportive living
The Housing First Supportive Living program is a HUD grant program that provides long-term community-based, scattered site living. The program provides both center-based services at our main campus and in-home supportive wrap around services to individuals who have serious and persist mental illness and or co-occurring substance use disorders. Our services include, but are not limited to evaluation, planning, and linking these individuals to services. Our team provides supportive counseling, psychosocial rehabilitative services, money management skills training, medication monitoring, household maintenance skills, and socialization skills training. The program provides services to adult males and females who are 18 years old or older.

Child and teacher in classroom