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Partners and outreach

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Co-responder Escambia County Sherrif’s Office

Our Co-responder Escambia County Sheriff’s Office (ECSO) is a collaboration with local law enforcement. We assist ECSO on calls that are mental health-related to expedite appropriate care and avoid unnecessary incarcerations, Baker Acts, Marchman Acts, and to free up law enforcement officers to address other needs in the community. A Lakeview mental health clinician responds with an officer who holds a Master of Arts degree in mental health counseling. Assistance ranges from helping someone experiencing a mental health crisis or to someone needing assistance with medication management. We connect our community to resources to get back on track while avoiding additional trauma. The program reduces risks for citizens and officers, and it works to reduce an increasing number of suicides and overdoses.

Magdalene’s House

Lakeview Center partnered with Magdalene’s House to assist women who are victims of sexual exploitation and coping with a substance use disorder. The collaboration ensures a rapid admissions process into an intensive-outpatient program where the women can quickly begin recovery treatment in a safe place. Magdelene’s House is a long-term residential home for adult women survivors of sexual exploitation. Pathway is an intensive-outpatient substance use treatment program located on Lakeview Center’s main campus. The partnership between Pathway and Magdalene’s House helps ensure that these survivors of trauma have access to a program where they can experience safety and compassion and be guided toward healing and recovery.

Homeless Reduction Task Force of Northwest Florida

This community partnership formed to help streamline services for homeless individuals and families in Northwest Florida. We provide essential resources in a two-county area, with Lakeview Center providing mental health supports for these individuals.  Collaboration allows us to be more efficient, act with purpose and be more effective. Lakeview Center’s boots-on-the-ground Homeless Evaluation Assessment Response Team, or HEART, connects people who are homeless to a variety of in-person or telehealth services as well as medication management plans.

Law enforcement training

Lakeview Center provides crisis intervention training to help law enforcement partners recognize when someone has a mental disorder and respond more effectively during an encounter. Our goal is to divert people with mental illness away from unnecessary incarceration and into the appropriate treatment. More than 1,300 officers proudly wear their Eagle pins while on duty, showing that they have graduated from crisis intervention training.

Community Health Northwest Florida on campus (Pensacola and Century)

Because we strive to integrate behavioral with primary health care, Community Health Northwest Florida operates a satellite outpatient location on our main campus and at our Century office. The clinics provide general medical services, including chronic disease management. A pediatrician also is on-site at both the Pensacola and Century offices, providing exams, immunizations and other services to children in the community.

Sexual Assault Response Team

We maintain membership on the Escambia/Santa Rosa Sexual Assault Response Team to help ensure that victims of violent crime receive timely services. Other collaborators include: the Office of the Attorney General, area emergency rooms, local law enforcement, Legal Services of North Florida, Favor House, University of West Florida, Pensacola State College, and Gulf Coast Kids House, to name a few. The goal of the response team is to improve quality of care, avoid duplication of services and increase the overall continuity of care across systems.

Mental Health Task Force

Our team serves on the Mental Health Task Force of Northwest Florida. Working with our community partners, quarterly campaigns are designed to jumpstart conversations, eliminate stigma and create a positive momentum in our community of support for those touched by mental health challenges.

EscaRosa Suicide Prevention Coalition

Our fellow non-profit partner serves those impacted by suicide or concerned citizens who are passionate about helping prevent or educate on the topic of suicide. We collaborate alongside survivors, family members, crisis center staff, researchers and other community members.

NAMI support groups

Lakeview Center works with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) to offer support groups and classes. NAMI is the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization. Lakeview Center and NAMI share a similar goal of building better lives for people affected by mental illness. All classes and support groups are free to participants. A variety of support groups are designed for adults who live with mental health conditions and their family members. Confidential groups are led by peers with lived experience and are 90 minutes long. Find information on the NAMI Pensacola chapter.

Foster care

Lakeview Center is proud to collaborate with our teammates at FamiliesFirst Network – a fellow affiliate of LifeView Group – to help ensure the health and safety of children in Northwest Florida. Foster care often starts with parents who are struggling with a mental illness or addiction. Lakeview Center teams provide treatments and resources for parents and trauma support services for the children, while FamiliesFirst Network provides safe and stable environments for the children until the family can reunite.