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Mission, Vision and Values

Helping people

Be the trusted partner


  • Treat people right
  • Take care of each other
  • Never settle
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As a comprehensive human services organization, we can bridge gaps unlike any other agency.

Lakeview Center behavioral health services is an affiliate of LifeView Group, a comprehensive human services organization that provides behavioral health care, child welfare support and employment services for people with disabilities.

Substance misuse and mental health issues can potentially overlap into child abuse, abandonment and neglect. That’s where our child welfare teams at FamiliesFirst Network can step in to help ensure the safety of children while our Lakeview Center behavioral health care teams work with parents to receive recovery services. FamiliesFirst Network also serves foster children with special needs, which are addressed by our specialized behavioral health care teams. Lakeview Center’s behavioral health services coupled with FamiliesFirst Network’s child welfare support are able to lean on each other as we develop innovative solutions in serving Gulf Coast families. We also serve persons with disabilities who are seeking meaningful work and independence. For those who need it, Global Connections to Employment provides job opportunities across a diverse pool of business lines, from facilities maintenance to food services and commercial businesses to health care environments.

Because of LifeView Group, people with mental illnesses and substance use disorders can get the treatments they need, people with disabilities can find employment, and children who have experienced abuse or neglect can know safety and stability.

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Trauma-informed care

Trauma-informed care is woven into our culture. This important practice helps us build trust with the people we serve. Trauma-informed care helps broach sensitive topics while ensuring inclusion, empathy and non-judgmental interactions. Through this approach, our team asks permission, offers control and finds support for each individual we serve. We get to know each person’s history without being invasive.

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