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Crisis and emergency care

Mobile Response Team

Meeting a person where they are, when they need us, is an effective approach – especially during a mental health crisis. Lakeview Center’s Mobile Response Team (MRT) provides 24/7 mental health support for adults and children. The team responds to homes, schools, work sites or other locations to assist with individuals, families, law enforcement, school officials, emergency rooms and other partners to provide mental health support during a traumatic event. MRT is available to respond within 60 minutes via telephone triage or in-person. We can come to you!

If you or someone you know is in a crisis and would like to speak with a mental health provider by phone or in-person – coming to your location – please call 866-517-7766 for the Mobile Response Team.



Teen in crisis

central receiving facility - helpful nurse

Central receiving facility

Lakeview Center’s central receiving facility (CRF) is the designated entry point for adults living in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties who are experiencing a crisis and need a Baker Act Screening. Lakeview Center is the most comprehensive behavioral health center in Northwest Florida, and our team is well-prepared to connect those in crisis to the follow-up care that best suits their needs, including community-based care, outpatient treatment or residential programs. The CRF is staffed by peer support specialists, nurses and behavioral health staff.

The Baker Act refers to an involuntary examination under the law, allowing for individuals to be retained at a facility for up to 72 hours. During that time, an evaluation is done by a qualified professional, meaning a medical doctor, psychologist or in some instances, an advanced registered nurse practitioner.

man smiling - short term residential treatment

Short-term residential treatment

People recently in crisis who need additional care before transitioning to a community-based or outpatient program may benefit from our short-term residential treatment (SRT) program. SRT connects individuals to the most appropriate program based on their psychiatric symptoms. Options include Lakeview Lodges in Pensacola, Lakeview Center of Walton County residential programs, or other residential treatment such as an adult living facility or a nursing home if the person has a medical condition that requires skilled nursing levels of care. Other options may include community-based or outpatient programs.



crisis stabilization unit - compassionate hands

Crisis stabilization unit

After being screened at our Central Receiving Facility, clients needing inpatient care may be transported to a local hospital or will be served at Lakeview Center’s 30-bed Crisis Stabilization Unit, based on client preference and capacity.



woman sits with a counselor holding a clipboard

Addiction receiving facility (detox)

If an individual comes to the Central Receiving Facility for care and is experiencing co-occurring issues such as substance misuse, our addiction receiving facility can help. Withdrawal from a substance requires special care by a trained behavioral health care professional.