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Child welfare

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As a comprehensive human services organization, we can bridge gaps unlike any other agency.

For instance, addiction and mental health issues can potentially overlap into child abuse, abandonment and neglect. That’s where our child welfare colleagues at FamiliesFirst Network can step in to help ensure the safety of children while our Lakeview Center teams work with the parent’s to receive recovery services. Together, we work to ensure the safety and well-being of children across Northwest Florida.

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Family Care

Family Care is a specialty service that provides court-ordered assessments and recommendations, for behavioral health, educational and medical services, to children in Escambia, Santa Rosa and Walton counties. Clients receiving Family Care are referred through the Department of Children and Families or FamiliesFirst Network. Assessments include a comprehensive evaluation of mental health, substance misuse issues, health, Department of Juvenile Justice, family dynamics, environmental and relationship analysis and parenting concerns and matters related the child.

New client registration:

Program questions or assistance:
850-908-3849, Family Care Coordinator
850-530-1605, Family Care Clinical Manager

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Specialized treatment for foster children

Therapeutic services are provided to youth in foster care who have increased emotional, behavioral, or social needs due to the trauma they have experienced. These youth are served in Specialized Therapeutic Foster Homes, where they can receive intensive support, structured supervision, and professional interventions.

If you can help change a youth’s life by becoming a specialized therapeutic foster parent, contact us at 850-908-6667

For children who need it, we also offer foster care group homes and residential treatment settings.

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Specialized therapeutic foster homes

Changing Horizons through Innovative Parenting Systems (CHIPS)

Changing Horizons through Innovative Parenting Systems (CHIPS) are foster homes that receive Medicaid reimbursement, additional training, and therapeutic wraparound services in the home. Therapeutic foster parents must have computer access, as well as flexible work schedules, work at-home arrangements, or have at least one parent who is at home each day. These foster parents will have a supportive team of therapists and a designated case worker who supports them in making an impact on a young person’s life in a short amount of time. CHIPS is designed to be a short-term treatment lasting from six to 12 months on average. Youth in the CHIPS program range from 5 to 17 years old and comprise all genders and races. Parents receive a higher rate of payment to offset this special type of care.


The Matrix Program comprises foster parents who provide support to children who have behavioral health needs. These foster parents receive financial assistance, as well as wraparound services in the home. Children in the Matrix program range from 4 to 13 years old and comprise all genders and races. Matrix is a step-down program, meaning that the child has moved from a residential home setting. The program lasts from 6 to 12 months.