Grant removes transportation barrier for pregnant mothers

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Tia Guidry, LMHC, director of Lakeview Center of Walton County

Pensacola, Fla. (March 28, 2023) – Requesting an Uber or taxi seems like a simple task, and it is, when you have the resources to pay for the service. Thanks to a Sunshine Health Community Connection grant, pregnant women receiving substance misuse treatment at Lakeview Center of Walton County have that resource for getting to their prenatal appointments.

Lakeview Center’s JoAnn Birge Women and Children’s Center is a level II substance abuse treatment facility for pregnant and post-partum women. The center’s goal is to ensure pregnant women remain substance free while receiving the appropriate medical care for a healthy birth. This grant removes yet one more barrier to health mom and babies.

“Many of the pregnant women who enter our treatment facility don’t have transportation,” said Tia Guidry, LMHC, director of Lakeview Center of Walton County. “This grant will remove the transportation barrier so that those women can get to prenatal visits to ensure their babies are born healthy.” 

Referrals to the center are accepted from all sources, and individuals are welcome to apply. Women meeting the criteria will receive mental health services in a safe environment, including special accommodations for women with children so that they can stay together during treatment.

Visit to learn more or call 850-892-8030. To speak with the care manager, call 850-974-9212.