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New detox program

shawn salimida new detox center
Shawn Salamida, president, Lakeview Center

Pensacola, Fla. (May 9, 2023) – A new detox program is now provided at Lakeview Center. People facing withdrawal symptoms from drugs and alcohol now have access to an inpatient detox program at Lakeview Center.

The new detox program, or Addiction Receiving Facility (ARF), will help meet an urgent response to a high rate of substance misuse across all demographics in Escambia County. In particular, it will assist with a disproportionate number of opioid-related deaths. It is an inpatient program. Detox is an important first step in treating addiction and beginning a path to recovery.

“Withdrawal symptoms can make it nearly impossible to walk away from substance misuse without help from a professional,” said Shawn Salamida, president of Lakeview Center. “Support from trained providers and a comprehensive behavioral health system can be powerful tools in a person’s recovery.” The Addiction Receiving Facility will provide a specialized inpatient detox program to ensure a smooth continuum of care including: crisis support, community-based care, outpatient treatment and residential programs.

Addiction specialists, nurses and behavioral health staff will work in the 10-bed ARF facility. The average length of stay in similar facilities is three to seven days. Upon discharge, individuals will be referred to a continuing care program within Lakeview Center or other community resources based on their individual needs.

The ARF is located on the Lakeview Center main campus at 1304 West Avery Street. Lakeview Center is an affiliate of LifeView Group that provided mental health services. For more information about this project, contact ​850-469-3500.