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Carolyn Shearman director of Lakeview Center Acute Services

Carolyn Shearman
Carolyn Shearman director of Lakeview Center Acute Services

Pensacola, Fla. (Nov. 20, 2023) – Carolyn Shearman director of Lakeview Center Acute Services holds a Master of Science in Education Counseling and Guidance. Shearman will oversee Lakeview Center’s central receiving facility planned to open in 2024. She also will oversee the crisis stabilization unit and addiction receiving facility or detox program.

Upon opening, the central receiving facility (CRF) will be the newly designated entry point for adults living in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties who are experiencing a crisis and need a Baker Act screening. Shearman and the CRF team will help to ensure a smooth continuum of care from crisis support to the appropriate community-based care, outpatient treatment or residential program based on individual needs.

Most recently, Shearman was over Lakeview Center Emergency Services and Screening. This included leading the Mobile Response Team (MRT) a designated crisis support unit covering Escambia to Walton County. Shearman coordinated services for people experiencing behavioral health crises and led a mobile team providing services in emergency rooms, schools, shelters, homes and other community locations.

Shearman began her career as a counselor working with adolescents in a therapeutic boarding school. She then served as a counselor to adult and geriatric individuals. After a series of successes, she was promoted to area manager overseeing and coordinating psychiatric services at 34 facilities. Later, that number grew to more than 300 facilities. Shearman became assistant program manager for the entire state. Shearman then embarked on a new adventure for two years by starting a company that provided psychiatric services to more than 90 facilities. When she relocated to Florida, she worked as a therapist screening individuals in the emergency room to determine the need for admission. She also worked on units to provide group and individual services. 

Shearman graduated from the University of the Virgin Islands with a Master of Science in Education, Counseling and Guidance. She also earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from the University of East Carolina. 

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